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Photo Of Luigi Dabbing In New Nintendo Game Takes The Internet By Storm

The dab's been put through the ringer. It started off as cool, then it became a funny thing to do, then the joke started to wear off and it became kinda embarrassing. Now, it's just unforgivable. Give it enough time and hipsters will start doing it ironically, but it hasn't reached that phase of the social acceptance circle just yet.

Which is probably why Luigi dabbing in this trailer for the new Mario + Rabbids game trailer is making people cringe so hard.

It's pretty darn pitiful.

I mean, just look at this atrocity.

Twitter was not having it.

And people started sharing their own cringeworthy dab findings.

But mostly, they were just a combination of horrified and disappointed.

But as it turns out, the Mario Bros. have a long history of performing some grimace-worthy moves.

And for some, it looks like advertising the dab had an opposite effect.