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Unfortunately Designed Religious Bumper Sticker Has The Internet Rolling With Laughter

Bumper stickers by themselves are almost always questionable automotive accessories. I mean, it's great that you have a message you want to send the rest of the highway. But it doesn't take long for the stickers to become unsightly and dirty. They can also hurt the aesthetics of your car and come off as a little lame.

But even in the world of bumper stickers, there are some that manage to be more annoying than others, and for this religiously-themed one, it's all because of a strange design choice that's befuddling Twitter users.

I mean, I've heard of body-shaming and fat-shaming, but, tuna-shaming?

It took an embarrassingly long time for the original poster to realize that it was indeed, a cross, and the person was saying that they were unashamed of their faith.

The post had Twitter cracking up, and still scratching their heads in some cases.

And of course, the puns started rolling in.

Other poor design choices started popping up.

Or maybe it was "Tunashamed" all along?

Call me old-fashioned, but if I have a problem with a fish, I'm not going to put a bumper sticker on my car. I'm going straight to the supermarket to eat a bunch of its family members right in front of the ocean while it watches in horror. You feel me?