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Photo Of Storm Reporter Harnessed To A Building Has People Asking Questions

Crazy weather reporters are perhaps a trope for a reason - it's because there seem to be a ton of them out there.

I guess there's no substitute for seeing how crazy a storm is than by seeing the effect it has on a single person with a microphone doing their best to not be toppled over by it.

But there are some reporters who are in it for the long haul. For example, there are some reporters who plan on hunkering down in the storm and not allowing anything from stopping them from doing their jobs.

Like this journalist who harnessed himself to a building in order to brave the storm.

To say people were impressed with Almaguer's fortitude is an understatement.

It also started a whole conversation on just why reporters throw themselves in the middle of storms in the first place.

Verkest has got a point.