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Balenciaga Models Wore Designer Platform Crocs On The Runway, And People Have Opinions

Here is a mind trick: Close your eyes and picture the ugliest shoe you've ever seen. Ninety-five percent of people picture a Croc. I know, science is wild! (Just kidding.) Unfortunately, fashion goes in cycles and right now we're in a cycle that's embracing low-rise jeans and velvet chokers again. These looks were bad when they were popular 20 years ago, and they're still bad, if you ask me, but the industry keeps digging up more bad things to force on their models. 

They've brought back Crocs:

Balenciaga, what are you doing?

Obviously, people are angry and confused:

Though there are a few people who are happy to see us all descend into shoe madness:

The good news is that if you love these Balenciaga Croc monstrosities, you can get a much more affordable version at Walmart.