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Pixellated Makeup Is The New Look That Arrived Just In Time For Halloween

Pixellated Makeup Is The New Look That Arrived Just In Time For Halloween
8 months ago

Coming up with the perfect Halloween costume is a bit stressful. Well for me, it's not actually coming up with the idea that's the issue. Every year I want to go as the Macho Man Randy Savage. And if you have the gall to ask me why, just take a gander at this beauty below and you'll have your answer.

But I always put off buying materials for my costume or take the time to put an appropriate one together and then, before I know it, it's the night before Halloween and I'm scrounging through my house to see what I could put together. Do I get my Acapulco shirt and aviators and just go as Hunter S. Thompson, again? Or do I just write a witty, trending thing from the news on a T-shirt and go with that? 

Well, if you turn to the internet and want some last-minute Halloween costume ideas, there are plenty of good ones for you to steal. And if you're somewhat of a cosmetics fiend, well, you might want to check out this pixellated makeup trend that basically turns you into a real life video game character.

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As long as you have some basic cosmetics and related paraphernalia lying around, then you're good to go. 

There are plenty of tutorials online of how to do it, but the premise is fairly simple: You lay a base foundation then start plastering your face with different colored squares. Paint tiny blocks of shades darker than your natural skin tone to highlight your 8-bit-ness.

So if you don't mind kids running up to you on Halloween thinking you're a walking version of Minecraft, give this not-so-demanding Halloween costume a try.