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27 Kids With Ridiculously Cute Halloween Costumes

Your life's relationship with Halloween is as follows: Trick-or-treating, costume parties, helping your kids with trick-or-treating, giving out candy, becoming a spooky ghost. 

It's that third step I want to talk about today. Parents are always excited to dress their kids up. I get it. It's the main reason people have kids. That, and having the ability to steal their children's candy. 

So treasure this time while you can. It won't be long before you become a spooky ghost. 

These parents have the right idea. 

1. Identical.
My best friend's kid was pretty damn happy with the pumpkin I carved him for Halloween. from aww
2. World's tiniest elephant.
Aww baby elephant (Halloween Costume + Cute Kid)
3. It's like looking into the future.
Kids First Halloween
4. Count 'em.
Homemade Kids' Halloween Costum from aww
5. That's going to blow up in your stomach!
Nephew's first Halloween. My cousin's first time making a costume. Win win. Ps, kid's name is actually Remy. Seriously.
6. Heroes.
Since we are posting pictures of our kids in Halloween costumes from aww
7. Who ya gonna call?
So my brother, myself, and my sister were always either Ghostbusters or TMNT for Halloween as kids. This was the former circa '90 from aww
8. Hey Frida!
At my nieces school, the only way the kids could dress up for Halloween is to be someone historical.
9. Which one's which?
For Halloween my mom dressed up one of her daycare kids as my basset hound, Beau. from aww
10. No! I am your daughter!
My daughter was the only girl that wasn't a princess for a Disney Store Halloween event...
11. I'd hardly consider them friends.
My daughter is going to be Batgirl for Halloween. She ran into some friends the other day..... from aww
12. Just get her home before midnight.
My daughters first Halloween I think we set the bar a little too high
13. Don't worry. It's safe.
My cousin turned his daughter into a drone for Halloween this year...Amazon has expressed interest from aww
14. Beep! Beep! Whirl!
We also did Star Wars for our daughters first Halloween from aww
15. The dog is thrilled.
My daughter chose to go as our dog Milo for Halloween, my mom made her costume.
16. Post-rescue.
17. Gotta Trick-or-Treat them all!
Hi, Reddit. This is my boyfriend and one year old daughter on Halloween :) from aww
18. Thank god you're here!
My cousin dressed as Life Alert for Halloween & her daughter was an old lady. from aww
19. Adventure's out there!
My friend's son has trouble walking, this was the solution for Halloween
20. Business is booming!
At the $0.05 price, my friend's son might get killed this Halloween
21. Worth it!
Wife spent 80 hours knitting this for my son for this Halloween.
22. How cowardly.
So my son definitely doesn't want to be a lion for Halloween
23. They're on an adventure!
Tricksy Hobbitses! My son Jude(left) and baby brother Roy(right) dressed as Frodo and Sam for Halloween. from aww
24. Don't get into any wacky hijinks, you two!
My son wanted to be a chimp for Halloween so I created a Man in the Yellow Hat costume for my husband
25. Get him back in the water!
My son the octopus on Halloween
26. What a lazy cop!
I know it's a bit late for the Halloween hype, but I think my son has the cutest costume. from aww
27. One day, kid. One day.