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21 Of The Greatest Family Halloween Costumes

21 Of The Greatest Family Halloween Costumes
7 months ago

The only thing more stressful than picking out a Halloween costume is picking out a Halloween group costume. Everyone has their own thoughts on what the theme should be and if you are ever able to make that decision you will still need to decide what every individual person will be. 

The easiest way to handle this is just have a family costume. Have the parents decide and if anyone questions it they can just say, "My house, my rules, my costumes." The discussion normally ends there.

That might seem like a totalitarian way to deal with Halloween but, hey, it worked out for these families. 

1. Everyone plays The Colonel eventually.
2. All your favorite secondary Star Wars characters.
3. Accurate size of an Ewok.
5. What are those yellow things? I've never seen them before.
9. I hope nothing bad happens to them.
10. O-o-h child.
11. Are we sure these aren't the real Incredibles?
12. It's like an episode of 21 Jump Street.
14. How did you explain this costume to your daughters?
16. I can't tell if there is a person in that Gingerbread costume or not.
17. The royal family.
19. The family that dresses up together, stays together.
20. Very convenient that your kids look exactly like those characters.