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This Woman Got Back At All Her Exes With Her Flawless Halloween Costume

There are some Halloween costumes that are scary on a physical level. Just one look and your entire night is just doused in spookiness.

Like this eerily good Babadook costume.


Or this creepy Owl Man.


Or whatever unholy abomination this is.


But then, there are costumes that haunt you on an even deeper level. Something that strikes you to your core. Something much scarier than ghouls and goblins and monsters: Your own personal inadequacies as a human being, perhaps?

Which is exactly what Twitter user Haleigh Conner decided to use against her exes with her terrifying "Commitment" Halloween costume.

She even went and tagged all of them, which, of course, caused a whole stream of shaming comments in response to her tweet.

Others ridiculed her for mining for attention.

Others pointed out the tweet backfired.

Others did some digging into the exes she tagged in her post.

While others pointed out that she pretty much wrecked any future chances at romance that she had.

What do you think? A lighthearted joke that people are taking too seriously? Or was it a terrible idea to tag everyone in the post?