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Someone Put The Story Together For The Girlfriend Of The iStock Photo Meme

It seems like just yesterday that Twitter was flooded with the "distracted boyfriend" meme, based on an iStock photo of a very rude boyfriend checking out another girl while walking with his offended lady. You could see anything you want in this three person interaction by assigning identities to them. Now Twitter user Andrew J Abernathy is flipping the construct upside down and assigning an entire life to one of the meme's characters.

Abernathy tweeted that he was messing around on iStock, when he found the original picture and the many, many other photos featuring the same models:

He decided to arrange them into a story, focusing on the poor girlfriend.

What follows is a tale of betrayal, false hopes and broken hearts! Grab your tissues.

Wow. You could, of course, rearrange these images into a completely different story, or at least one that doesn't make this lady look like a fool for taking her man back over and over. In fact, Abernathy says there's way more pictures:

Who will give "distracted boyfriend" meme girlfriend the story she deserves? Or, at least a name. How about...Sarah?