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Girl With Cystic Acne Is Getting Rid Of 'Pimple Stigma' By Going Makeup Free

Girl With Cystic Acne Is Getting Rid Of 'Pimple Stigma' By Going Makeup Free
4 months ago

One of the worst parts about going through puberty is the out of nowhere acne.

Oozing pimples and red discolorations all over your face make you a prime target for class teasing and ridicule once the hormone bomb drops. Not only are you dealing with a new body that's going through all sorts of changes, but you're constantly being assailed by ads with creams and scrubs and procedures to get rid of these unwanted new additions to your face.

Some people's acne is just a result of hormonal imbalances that phase out over time. But for some, it's not such a fleeting issue, like those who are diagnosed with cystic acne.

But there are some people who are learning to embrace their skin condition, like Twitter user Hailey Wait, who is sharing makeup-free photos of herself online.

Wait's learned to be comfortable in her own skin, but it was a long journey. 

Previously, she'd upload heavily photoshopped pictures of herself online that looked nearly as airbrushed as Lucille Bluth's driver's license photo.

She spoke about how she eventually came to accept her skin condition and embrace her face, without the shame.

And she's hoping to empower other people who are struggling with similar body consciousness issues.

Like when she shared this two photos which were only taken a month apart to show how the severity of cystic acne changes.

She's also focusing on the truly ugly things in society, like being a hate-filled jerkwad. By comparison, some pimples aren't such a big deal.

And she's getting serious love for her empowering message.

Others who suffer from cystic acne began chiming in.

Hailey's message really resonated with this one user.

Who wants to get to the point where she's able to feel confident in her skin.

From the looks of the replies she's getting, it looks like Hailey's already helping plenty of others feel better about themselves.

Some are calling Hailey's statement a move towards "real beauty."

I mean, it's difficult to argue that her selfie game isn't strong, acne or not.