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Police Couldn't Believe This Guy's Excuse For Not Wearing A Seatbelt

Police Couldn't Believe This Guy's Excuse For Not Wearing A Seatbelt
4 months ago

There are few things that'll give you an anxiety attack while driving than seeing those red and blue lights going off behind you. 

OK, maybe John Cusack almost being squashed by a giant donut in the super awful 2012, but until the apocalypse occurs, this will have you freaking out in a jiffy.

After you get pulled over you're usually a nervous wreck. If you didn't know what you did wrong, the cop could tell you anything and you'll be frozen with fear. If you know what you did wrong, you'll be frozen with fear but this time, you'll come up with a litany of lame excuses.

And if you've ever used any embarrassing lines that the cop just wasn't buying, you can rest easy knowing that at least you're not this guy who blamed his crappy driving on an emoji. I'm sorry, a laughing emoji.

The Merseyside Police in jolly old England noticed that a driver wasn't wearing his seatbelt. So after pulling the man over, he thought he could excuse his lack of seatbelt wearing by admitting another crime: using his cell phone while driving.

I don't know why anyone would ever need to remove their seatbelt to send a laughing emoji, or any emoji for that matter, but the cops did find it funny enough to snap a photo of the ticket and share it with the rest of the internet.

People couldn't believe just how dense the driver was.

They provided this hilarious tale of receiving a ticket using only...emojis. Very fitting.

Some people were asking important questions, like, did the police just now, discover what an emoji is?

And honestly, there were a lot of individuals all for it.

Even if it presented some challenges.

The excuses people give for their poor driving are pretty incredible actually. Sometimes, they're so funny that they get people out of a ticket. Like this guy who was speeding on his motorcycle.

And this guy who claimed he was smoking an apple...

Sometimes, all you gotta do is ask.

Sometimes all you need to do is show that you care.

"Oh, you don't have stripe?"

Comment from discussion Police Ticket Thread.

If you show a little consideration, you might get some leniency.

Comment from discussion Police Ticket Thread.

And a little humiliation apparently goes a long way.

Comment from discussion Police Ticket Thread.

So be funny, but not funny in a, "ha look at me I use my phone while driving isn't it funny how I'm OK with nearly dying?" that's not cool.