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People Are Describing Their Lives In Shots From 'The Simpsons' And It's So Relatable

The Simpsons has been on for so long it has basically predicted our current era. I don't think the writers are psychic, I just think when you've been on air for decades you will eventually cycle through every reality timeline.

Writer Carl Kinsella posted to Twitter about finding his own life story as told by The Simpsons, except it was in one screenshot. Then he dared his followers to try it:

What a wonderful invitation to walk down memory lane and enjoy all the most traumatic, insane, hilarious and ridiculous moments from The Simpsons that also describe our lives:

A lot of animated gifs also made it, which is cheating, but who cares they're great:

A lot of Simpsons fans are very sad.

But they have a sense of humor about it.

Though there are a few upbeat ones!

The Simpsons knows us all too well.