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The People Making These Church Signs Think Their Sense Of Humor Is A Gift From God
2 months ago

Churches have their version of a social media strategy. They post sassy signs in front of the building and hope parishioners snap a viral pic. It's kind of a mix of old school analogue and digital media, and we've been doing it for a very long time.

But you know what? It works. We remember when a church sign gets saucy.

And the photos are funny too. Every church has their own style. Some lean in hard on puns:

Some try for topical jokes:

Others issue subtle and not so subtle threats:

And who doesn't love a little bit of the truth?

There's also a surprising number of churches are currently taking a firmer stance against gun violence than Congress:

Churches are certainly never afraid to tell you what they think—and what you should think. 

But that's how they keep us interested!