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These Unintentional Mirror Selfies From People Trying To Sell Mirrors Are Hilarious
1 month ago

Twitter user @SilviuMajor has been documenting a common phenomenon among the amateur mirror salespeople of the world. They just can't freaking figure out how to market their wares without exposing way to much about themselves. How do you take a picture of a mirror without capturing your reflection? There are ways, but none of these people have figured it out.

@SilviuMajor  captured some pretty incredible ones.

And they kept looking, because the genre is honestly a goldmine:

Soon, everyone was mining for unintentional mirror selfie gold.

There was plenty for everyone!

And it's all highly meme-able.

Though some sellers have gotten savvy enough to have turned the inevitable reflection into a marketing tool.

I shudder to think how many messages they got asking if the dog was for sale, though.

This actually isn't a new concept. There's a whole website about Craigslist Mirror Selfies.

But we'll still take more:

If you have a mirror to sell and don't want to be exposed on the Internet, there are solutions:

Now that's a seller I trust.