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J.K. Rowling Has Everyone Sharing Stories Of When Animals Messed Up Their Lives

1 month ago

Twitter Queen J.K. Rowling must have been taking a break from writing the next straight to film book series when she came across this interesting fact about the Hadron Collider, which was brought to its knees by the body of a small weasel. It inspired her to share a little story of when he own plans were derailed by an animal crossing paths with a human creation.

No one believe an aardvark, that has barely any teeth, chewed through a wire/ Ah, well! Her fans believe her, probably because a lot of them have their own unlikely animal stories to share also:

Why do so many animals think wires are tasty?

Tasty, tasty wires!

But domestic animals who eat kibble are a problem around the house, too.

I love that this as an excuse from a teacher:

But it really happens!

Don't forget the real culprits—rodents absolutely gorging themselves on a wire buffet. 

After reading some of these, though, wire chewing is preferable to other animal interferences:

Who knows what these stories will inspire Rowling to write next.

Not that she needs the inspo.