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Woman Posts Hilarious Text Conversations She Had With Ex-Boss And Twitter Is In Tears

4 weeks ago

Bosses tend to be either amazing or terrible. There's simply no in-between. But for Gracie Hoos, a self-described "amateur funny person," her old boss at a pub she used to work at is somewhere in that middle zone. Over the weekend, Hoos took to Twitter to share a series of hilarious exchanges she'd had over the course of working there. 

Get ready to be in stitches. 

Dammit, Harry. 

Jam out. 

Do they have to bow? 

This could work. 

And it doesn't even end there. 

He'd call it a snow day. 

Basically, it was a living sitcom. 

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.  

Unsurprisingly, people found the exchanges hilarious. 

We all need a boss like this.