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This Mom Found A Brilliant Way To Get Her Baby To Take His Medicine

2 weeks ago

If you ever looked after a sick kid, then you know that getting them to take their medicine is about as easy as stealing the Declaration of Independence.

Now unless you're living with Nic Cage and the guy from The Hangover movies who always manages to get left out of the action, then you're probably not getting that baby to take anything that's going to make them get better.

Now I know what you're thinking, what's the big deal? They're babies, they're dumb, how hard is it to trick them? Well, if you're saying that then you obviously don't know a darn thing about getting babies to take medicine.

So you've got to crafty, something that mom Helena Lee did when she was having difficulty getting her baby boy, Alfie, to take his medicine. 

With this nifty trick, her baby boy took his medicine without a single wasted drop.

No spitting it all over his jammies, or getting it on his cheek as he turns his head away from you with your dropper. No tantrums, no crying, just results.

Now there are some other methods to get your kids to take their medicine that work just as well, especially when they get a bit older.

This parent must've sold this one fairly well.

They think they're getting soda but they're getting a gullet full of medicine. Note: may result in trust issues.

Or you could try this old hollowed-out juice box approach.

Turns out it's a popular one.

Then there was this parent who whipped out a panda express cup and got this kid thinking they were going to slurp some sweet sugar water.

The child caught on quickly though and learned that they wanted no part of whatever they were hoodwinked into sipping.

People who saw Helena's original post were impressed with her level of ingenuity.

While others dished out their own methods of getting babies to keep their medicine down.

This level of trickery and misdirection can be applied to any child-rearing situation though, not just administering medicine.

You can use it to hide your chocolate stash.

Or getting them to eat their veggies.

Or whatever's in that baby food mush. Can't blame the kid for wanting a Kit Kat instead. They're delicious.