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Dad With Intense Fear Of Heights Gets Creative To Enjoy View With His Family

Acrophobia is not fun. It means riding roller coasters at theme parks is out of the question. Window seats on airplane rides? Fat chance. And if you book a hotel in a metropolitan area and happen to get booked in a top-floor room, that means the blinds are always closed.

It also means that enjoying some of nature's more spectacular and breathtaking views is a difficult task.

Like when this tourist visited Dún Aonghasa in Ireland and everyone around him was soaking up the gorgeous sights. So he improvised.

You can hear his daughter cheering him on, and even though it took a little while for him to finally make it to the edge, good for him for his willingness to crawl to the edge so he could see the view for himself.

And if you think that crawling is a weird way for someone to get over their fear of heights, it turns out that it's a lot more common than you think.

Like this woman who visited a castle and couldn't take the altitude.

These people seem to have the opposite of acrophobia...whatever that's called.

No thank you.