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Every Cat Owner Can Relate To These 13 Acts Of Feline Evil


If you own cats, you know they can be adorable and very sweet but they have a few quirks that no other pet has. And even though they love to snuggle us and butt their heads affectionately, we also know the minute we stop breathing they will turn us into food with zero sadness or regret. Basically, signing up to live with a cat is like saying you want to care for a really cute sociopath for a decade or so. OK, maybe that's harsh, but if cats aren't sociopaths they definitely exist somewhere on the autism spectrum. Actually, there's even a book called Every Cat Has Asperger's Syndrome that illustrates this point pretty well. So maybe it's wrong and even offensive to categorize these behaviors as evil. Let's just call them... misunderstood. Whatever you call it, read on for 13 strange cat behaviors every feline owner will completely relate to.

Cats have been the unofficial mascot of the internet for years. The often evil -- but always adorable -- pet of choice is notorious for lying down on keyboards, knocking anything that isn't bolted down to a table off, giving their owners a view of the full moon after waking them up at 4 a.m., and a host of other offenses.