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The Judgemental Duck In This Viral Meme Has A Fascinating History

By Aimee Lutkinnnn

The best thing about memes is that they seem so weird when they come from cultures you're unfamiliar with, but in the context of your own cultural touchstones, they communicate so much. For example, this duck:

This (obviously photoshopped) duck is giving us the side-eye. Right? This duck is judgey as hell. It knows our secrets and it's getting away with some of its own. But BuzzFeed News reports that this picture dates back to a meme from Russia that is generally captioned with phrases like "Beware. This muscovy duck is trying to seduce you." 

That's so straight-forward! I personally did not find this duck overtly sexual, but maybe that's the difference between growing up in Russia and growing up in America. What a wide range of experiences there are on this crazy planet. Anyway, once the duck was adopted by American Twitter it became the shadiest duck around: