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People Can't Stop Photoshopping This Dog With A Gigantic Tongue

By Zachary Brenner

Everyone loves dogs. Not just any dog, every dog. Even ugly dogs have a huge following that can't really be explained beyond people scrunching up their faces and squeaking "but he's so ugly!" Unfortunately, that appeal starts and stops at puppers. Every now and then the internet gets one that that has a really pronounced characteristic that it drives people mad. Photos are shared on all mediums, and eventually make their way to reddit where the chosen few end up in the hands of those subscribed to r/photoshopbattles.

There's nothing malicious about it, and the end result of these is that both pet and owner end up getting recognized on the streets and may eventually find their way onto Ellen. Well this is the story of a puppy that was a little different from the rest where this exact scenario occurred, minus the Ellen part. Take a look at this little doggo and tell me that you didn't immediately fall in love with that mug within the first five seconds of you looking at him.