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Source: Getty

The TSA Wants You To Adopt All The Dogs Who Couldn't Hack It As Canine Agents


What did we ever do to deserve dogs? Mankind's favorite pet (that's right cat people) has played as many roles as we have ever since they've been domesticated. Nowadays, it's not uncommon to see them in positions of authority, be it in the military, local police, or sniffing out bombs and contraband in airports to ensure that everyone boarding their flight has a safe trip. These young pups weren't always the hardened experts they are when you see them in their adorable (but very serious) vests, guiding their partner from checked bag to bag .

The world is full of good dogs, but not all good dogs make good government agents. The Transportation Security Administration has had a program in place since 2015 to adopt out the doggos who didn't quite make it through the program. Some weren't up to being bomb sniffers, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't make good cuddlers. They're doing another push for forever homes to take in animals who tried so hard to serve the nation: