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This Worried Mom Had Absolutely No Idea What Her Own Dog Looked Like

This Worried Mom Had Absolutely No Idea What Her Own Dog Looked Like
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1 year ago

It's easy to get other people's pets mixed up, especially if they have two breeds of the same animal in their house.

Living with them on a day-to-day basis as a pet owner, however, you get to know their little idiosyncrasies that tell them apart. 

Unless you're twitter user Jeff Squires's mom. Then you're pretty bad at recognizing your own dog, which is hilariously evident in this text conversation.

It started innocently enough. Mom saw an alert about a missing dog and wanted to make sure the family pet was OK.

She texted a photo of the sad pupper to justify her worry, and that's where things took a turn for the hilarious.

Because once you see a photo of the dog...it's kind of hard to understand why she ever thought there was a resemblance in the first place.

A fact that was not lost on Twitter.

They were really trying to rack their brains to see what her thought process was.

And of course, people started making jokes at Jeff's mom's expense.

And other people shared their own parental puppy mix-up stories.

I wonder how many parents in the world suffer from pet blindness?

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