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This Two-Legged Cat Named Rocket Is Living His Best Life



About a year ago, a woman named Maureen, who lives in Berlin, Germany, noticed a kitten playing in her backyard that only had two legs. AZCentral reports that she took the playful animal in and named him Rocket, introducing him to the rest of her kitties, with whom he formed fast bond. 

Maureen told Love Meow that it wasn't easy to get Rocket to trust her right away, but with snacks and patience she was able to lure him in. Rocket was born with only his two front legs, and he has adjusted so that he can run around on his forepaws as quickly as any other cat, balancing with his tail.

According to Love Meow, "The little wonder boy amazed his rescuers with his ability to balance and get around. Rocket could walk on his two front legs and use his tail as leverage." Now, the cat claims his humans' bed every night and tries to jump in with them as soon as bedtime hits to cuddle them. It's adorable to see how he gets around the world in the videos and photos below. 

Maureen runs an Instagram account dedicated to Rocket and his pals, and he lives pretty much exactly like any other cat. He loves to play:

To hang out with his other feline friends, who he takes care of and generally adores being around. If you're not melting yet, I don't know what to say.

He loves nature as well, and loves enjoying the great outdoor with his fellow kitty roommates. It's absurdly cute to be quite honest. 

And, like all cats, enjoys a sweet nap. Just look at his adorable sleepy face! Ahhh!

Rocket is proof that pets don't need four legs to power their greatness. 

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