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This Photo Of A Horse's Terrible Haircut Will Give You Middle School Flashbacks



Redditor btssmgss32412 shared a picture of a horse that has everyone neighing in dismay. It's captioned, "Dad cut a horses hair at the barn. Everyone was pissed. Didn't fully understand why until I got this photo from my mom..."

When you look at the photo, you'll understand, too:

Ellen is NOT happy. 

Looking at Ellen's new bangs, I'm having flashbacks to being in the fourth grade and getting my hands on the scissors when my mom had her back turned. Every woman has had this horrible bangs look sometimes in her life, but to see it inflicted on an unsuspecting animal is truly tragic. Commenters were quick to point out who Ellen really looks like. if you're not familiar with the band Die Antwoord, this may not be funny, but if you are, get really to LOL:

A lot of people have questions about exactly who is the horse, who is Ellen, who is Elaine, who the dad is in this horse's life:

The original poster eventually explained that the barn is a place where volunteers come to help out with rescue animals. Their parents have their own horse there—a horse that is NOT Ellen. Dad decided that Ellen was looking bothered by her luxurious forelock, and wanted to help out:

Based on horse knowledge shared in the comments, Ellen's bangs will probably grow out fairly quickly, so no harm, no foul. However, keep in mind that approaching a horse's face, especially one you don't know, with a pair of scissors can end badly for both of you. Just something to consider before you go and prank your local barn with horse bowl cuts, which you should totally do, just to see the other horses point with their hooves and neigh, neigh, neigh, neigh.

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