Bat Gets Trapped In Irish Family's Kitchen And The Video Is Perfection

It's never an easy-going experience when a wild animal gets caught in your home - trying to get it out is tough. But it could also be hilarious, as this Irish family's video proves.


Nov. 18 2019, Updated 2:22 p.m. ET

It's very hard to say everything that happens in this incredible two minutes video of a man named Derry trying to capture a terrified bat in his kitchen while a woman named Maureen cowers behind a glass door and the videographer screams. A dog urinates in the corner for no reason. Profanities are hurled around the room. The bat gets compared to McGregor. Lots of screaming. Those words do not in anyway convey the glorious hilarity and chaos of this scene. 

Just watch:

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The bat escaped after a hellish evening and we all got to watch the most ridiculous freakout of all time. You can't script this sort of thing. It's just a perfect moment in time and thanks to the prevalence of smartphones outfitted with cameras, thankfully, it was all recorded.

Obviously, everyone who saw the video was absolutely LOVING it.

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And what's not to love? Sure, it's creepy as hell to think that a flying, leathery, black rat with wings is flying around your house, potentially biting you and giving you rabies, forcing you to then get a shot and no one wants to visit the doctor for something like that.

At the very least the family was able to safely get the animal out of the house, which could've ended up pretty horribly for both them and the bat. You figure more people would be nicer to these animals, because after all Batman is such a cherished figure in our collective, global, social consciousness. Plus you've got Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls. Granted it was more about sacred poop and making fun of the monopoly guy than anything else, but still, you'd figure it would've soften people's attitudes towards the blood-sucking little animals. Oh well.

Fly freely, noble bat. Rest easy, peeing dog. Sleep well, wonderful Irish family.

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