Fall Is Here And Everyone Is Celebrating These Glorious Big Bears


Nov. 18 2019, Updated 2:16 p.m. ET

Hibernation sounds like a great deal. You get to sleep through the worst part of the year (winter) and when you wake up you're way thinner than when you went to sleep. The weather's warmer, the sun is out, plants are blossoming, life is abundant. Plus you probably feel super, duper well-rested. There's only one problem, we're human. So before winter comes, we have to enjoy autumn before the death-clutch of winter holds us in its grasp.

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And now, Fall is all around us. Crisp morning, pumpkin spice flavoring in everything, and enormous beautiful bears stuffing their cheeks with acorns and getting ready to hibernate. Twitter comedian @IDIOT_TEEN gifted the Internet with a curated samplings of these big boys to herald the season, and everyone is in love:

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So in love, we got a second helping of these big, oafish bears. Imagine eating so much that you'd blow up to the size of these ginormous bear balloons.

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But as usual, when you're in love it's often because you see something of yourself in the object of your affection. Everyone is seeing these bears and yelling, "IT ME." I mean, it's only natural to gain weight in the winter, we're mammals after all.

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It's that time of the year when you're a big sleepy bear getting all cozy with your snacks. Get all tucked in for winter, baby bears, and as for the winter fare, you gotta get yourself some Game of Thrones inspired fare. I'm talking fat chunks of multigrain bread toasted and slathered in butter then drenched in honey. Then I'm talking about some hearty stews, chili with plenty of cheese, yeah that's the stuff. Warm apple turnovers are a great winter treat, and you can't go wrong with pumpkin anything. PSLs all day!

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