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Source: twitter

Man Boldly Taps On The Glass At Shark Exhibit--Immediately Regrets His Decision

By Mustafa Gatollari

There's a special pleasure in seeing other people getting scared to high hell. Admit it, every time there's a new collection of photos from haunted houses, they're just amazing to watch in action. It kind of comes with the territory though. You're paying to get that scare and those haunted houses tend to deliver, usually.

But scares don't have to be limited to places where scares are expected. You can get spook-pranked pretty much anywhere. In fact, you'll probably freak someone out way more if you scare them in a place they least expect it. Cause let's face it -- the biggest scare is the unknown. There's a reason jump scares are so prevalent in horror films. They just work!

Which is probably why this virtual shark tank exhibit at the Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. museum managed to convince this guy he was going to die for just a second. His heart probably skipped two or three beats there as he faced impending doom via a giant shark. We could think of worse ways to go out but you've got to feel bad for this guy as he probably regretted tapping on this shark tank glass almost instantly.