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Footage Of Man Fighting Off A Gigantic Python Takes The Internet By Storm

Footage Of Man Fighting Off A Gigantic Python Takes The Internet By Storm
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7 months ago

There's a reason why snakes are vilified in so many cultures. If you ask me, it's because they're utterly terrifying. I mean, Indiana Jones himself was afraid of them, and it's not because they do adorable things like this.

In real life, that mouse is getting eaten up before you could say, "Hey mouse, watch out there's a snake behind you that sings like Nicki Minaj."

But some people aren't bothered by snakes at all, believe it or not. And no, I'm not talking about individuals who have discovered a way to chemically remove fear from their psyche (I mean, not that I know of).

Like this professor from Allahabad, India who wrangled up a 12-foot long python that slithered its way onto the college campus.

The man is an absolute legend. Just look at him wrestle this thing, all while wearing a suit and a face mask. Probably because he didn't want the snake to remember who he was and get revenge at a later date.

No matter which angle you check it from, the dude is amazing.

In case you're worrying about what happened to the snake, fret not, the professor safely released the danger noodle back into the forest, away from the freaked out students on campus.

But not before posing with it a bunch, first.

If this professor was in need of some awesome Tinder profile pictures before, he's pretty much got them covered now.

Fights with giant snakes don't always end so well for people, however.

In Indonesia, there was the story of a security guard who fought a 26-foot python after he tried catching it. The snake nearly tore the man's arm off until a fellow security guard and another village came to kill the animal, bashing its head in with a log.

Indonesia is home to some massive snakes. Another man was swallowed whole earlier this year being crushed to death by an 20 foot long python.

The snake was eventually caught and killed. Police who cut the reptile open found the man's body inside of it, completely intact.

Any animal that can unhinge its jaws and swallow you whole is something to respect. And run away from. Unless you're this hero professor. Then you simply regulate.

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