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Man Moves Into New Home, Finds Pit Bull Left Abandoned In Basement

Man Moves Into New Home, Finds Pit Bull Left Abandoned In Basement
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4 months ago

Most pet dogs are wholly dependent on their owners for pretty much everything: food, shelter, and happiness. You ever see how a pupper greets their own after they come home from a short trip to the grocery store? 

You've never seen someone so stoked. That's because they love the heck out of you and that kind of love doesn't come with total trust.

It's a big reason why people jokingly say, "we don't deserve dogs," because the sad reality is that not all dog owners reciprocate the same amount of love they have for their pets that their pets may have for them.

Dog owners sometimes abuse the trust their pets have in them, like whoever seemingly left this pit bull chained and abandoned in a dark basement of this house.

As the owner was getting ready to move into his new home, he checked the basement and heard some shuffling. After what I'm assuming is the appropriate response, which is being scared to high heck, when he investigated he saw the poor little pit bull chained up. He immediately placed a call to the Stray Rescue of St. Louis to inform them of the sad find.

"I just bought a house and there is a pit bull chained up in the basement. I'm not sure how long it's been down there."

When animal rescuers arrived on the scene and safely removed the dog off the premises, they investigated the basement and it was suggested that there was a squatter living in the basement.. 

Her rescue was recorded and it is clear to see just how ecstatic she was to see friendly faces after being cooped up in a cold, dark basement on a short chain.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis spoke to The Dodo about that fateful day.

"When we opened the door to the basement and shined our flashlight down, we saw a wagging tail. She was nearly choking herself as she was so excited to see us. When we freed her, she couldn’t stop jumping up and down and giving hugs," said Natalie Thomson, group communications director.

They decided to name the girl Jumping Bean, on account of how excited she was upon seeing the rescuers, and she has plenty reason to be happy.

Judging by her living conditions, her situation looked dire: no food or water bowls were in sight in the basement - Jumping Bean didn't have much time left. Despite her traumatic experience, her love of life hasn't dwindled at all.

Rescuers can't say enough about Jumping Bean's energy, happy demeanor, and affection she shows everyone.

"Her personality is completely adorable. She loves everyone she meets and craves attention. She makes sure she is not ignored! She’s an energetic and very affectionate pup! She is so happy all the time." 

Jumping Bean is just another example of pit bulls defying the "violent dog" stereotype.

In fact, they're one of the most family-friendly breed of dogs out there.

Historically, pit bull terriers were lauded for their loyalty to their family units and gentle mannerisms toward children.

Sadly, their stocky build and penchant for athleticism made them a prime breed for fighting.

As any pit owner will tell you, however, they're as just as loving and affectionate as any other known "gentle" breed of puppers.

And there are tons of videos and photos online to prove it.

Great, now I want a pit bull.

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