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A Little Boy Found A Cat With The Exact Same Genetic Conditions That Make Them Both Unique

A Little Boy Found A Cat With The Exact Same Genetic Conditions That Make Them Both Unique
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4 months ago

Madden Humphreys is a seven-year-old boy who was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. He also has a condition called "complete heterochromia iridum," which can be seen in his two different colored eyes. one is blue, the other is green. When he was born, Madden had surgery to correct his cleft, but there is still some scarring on his face.

Madden's mom, Christina Humphreys was interviewed by Today after making a trip from Oklahoma to Minnesota to get a cat that seemed like it was destined to be Madden's companion.

She saw a photo of the cat on a Facebook support page for mothers of kids with cleft palates. The cat also had a cleft palate—and the exact same green and blue eyes as her son. 

"The eyes alone would have been a big deal. When I saw the cleft, we had a conversation about … how it was amazing they were both born completely unique,” Humphreys said. 

With the help of friends and family, they raised money for the road trip to see if the rescue cat would still need a home.

Humphries says it was love at first sight between Madden and Moon.

“They honestly took to each other right away,” she said. “We were meant to love that cat.”

Moon's presence has also helped Madden cope with bullying. According to his mother, he's always been pretty cheerful and outgoing, but has been experiencing some bullying at school recently. things have completely turned around since he got Moon.

“Madden has been beaming,” she said. “I tell Madden all the time he is magical, and I think Moon helps him realize how special he is.”

They're a perfect match.

They take stunning pictures together:

Finally together 😍 #maddenandmoon

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But also enjoy just hanging out:

People like Madden and Moon's story so much, they're sharing their own. Like this Siberian Huskey with heterochromia:

It's pretty common in animals:

But lots of people have it, too:

Wonders of mutation #heterochromia #nightphotography #nikon #primelens #portrait

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The fact that both Madden and Moon have cleft palates makes them rarer and their match up is all the more poignant. And the enthusiasm the public has had for their story has been really overwhelming for the family, who want to see more understanding and acceptance of conditions like Madden's.

“Spreading awareness about craniofacial differences and bullying is absolutely incredible. I love that those two things are getting attention,” she said. “I am blown away by how wonderful people have been.”

One special cat and one special boy making a difference just by being friends.

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