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This Mom's Quest For Parrots Roped Her Whole Family Into A Conspiracy



A girl named Noor has gotten Twitter super invested in a story about her mom trying to pull one over on the entire family. She writes that she got a call from her mom (from inside the house!) telling her she has a secret plan to adopt some parrots, against the wishes of literally everyone else in the house. Now, we don't understand why anyone would be against having a pet parrot — especially ones that can talk — but this mom was determined to buy the bird, no matter what her daughter or husband said. And luckily for us, it was all captured in this now viral Twitter thread. 

This is how you get sucked into things, folks. Noor's mom obviously knew she was the weak link. Once one person falls to the parrot plan, the rest are just dominoes. 

It began with Noor's mom suggesting they get one parrot and keep it secretly in the house, but things quickly escalated:

It seems like a simple thing to let your mom get a parrot, but Noor explained that a lot of people live in the house, potentially with allergies, and there's at least one other animal that would enjoy chomping on a parrot head:

Before she knew it, Noor was out the door with mom, who seems to have worked asa double agent at some point in her life:

The birds were real. Real chickens, and lord help them, real parrots.

Noor's parents were on clear sides, but how would the siblings react?


But he couldn't deflect or withstand the pressure:

Mom triumphed, but it's been a big day.

So are we! I just hope the parrots are okay. They've had a really big day, too!

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