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Source: Instagram

UPS Drivers Have Made Friends With New Adorable Animals On Their Routes


The drivers of UPS make new friends all the time, usually the four-legged kind. Take for example Daniel Kidd, a UPS driver in Louisiana that breaks stereotypes and becomes friends with all the local dogs. He even takes selfies with his canine pals, and returns lost dogs to their rightful owners. Now, if that is not going above and beyond the "what can brown do for you" motto, we don't know what is. 

Now, an Instagram account called UPS Dogs shows off all the furry critters who come out and say hi to the UPS employees who they've gotten to know over time. But not all of their new best buds are dogs. 

Drivers travel through all sorts of neighborhoods, and you can never be sure who is in the next yard. Like this insanely adorable baby llama who is meeting the incredibly lucky Ben: