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Source: facebook

"You Cannot Say No!" Mom Goes on Rant After Women Won't Let Her Pet Service Dog


An angry mom who appeared in a viral video filmed at Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh, PA is being called "entitled" after blowing a gasket when she was told she couldn't pet a service dog.

Anyone with a service dog, or anyone who knows someone with a service dog, or anyone who's ever been versed in common courtesy and kindness will know that they aren't for petting, playing, giving belly rubs or snacks, or any of the fun stuff we love doing with domesticated animals.

That's because they're not our playthings. As cute and cuddly and well-mannered as they might be, service dogs are there for a specific job or purpose: to assist whoever they've been assigned to. They've undergone rigorous training regimens. Many of the programs they study under train them with certain behavioral patterns and stimuli-responses that make them good at what they do. So no, giving them a piece of your cheesesteak is probably not OK.

Imagine for a second you didn't know someone's adorable dog was a service animal and you mistakenly walked up to the good girl or boy to pet them. Touching people's pets without getting their human's OK is almost never cool, but let's say you misread their signals and went ahead and did it anyway. How would you respond if the human in question told you not to do that?