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Source: getty

People With 'Fake' Service Dogs Are Now Being Fined Because Airlines Are Fed Up

By Mustafa Gatollari

It's hard not to love animals. It's something that's been instilled in our heads from birth, it seems. Take any kid and there's a good chance they're obsessed with creatures. Whether it's seeing them at the zoo, playing with animal toys, or pretending to be one, kids absolutely love different species.

How kids react to animals when they see them, on the other hand, is a different story entirely. If they grow up with pets in their house, they might be less afraid of them when they're walking outside in the open. I don't have any cats or dogs in my house, but I grew up with plenty of pets. So it always boggles my mind when my toddler wigs out if a dog wants to come up to him and lick his face in the park. Then I remember that he prefers to keep animals at a distance—he lines up his toys and imitates them like he's conducting a YouTube series showing off his toy collection.

But those of us who grew up with pets know the insane amounts of love one can have for your furry (or scaly, or feathery) companions. We love them so much that we wish we could take them everywhere. It's part of what makes traveling so difficult. Do you have someone housesit your pet when you're away or have a service care for them, or do you bring them with you? And if you do decide to bring them with you, you have to keep them in a separate cargo bay. Judging by the way some airlines, like United, handles its pets, they're probably safer at home.