20 Times When Anna Kendrick's Twitter Made 2016 Actually Bearable



Despite their bests attempts to do their own grocery shopping, and “stay grounded,” very few celebrities actually come across as being particularly relatable; they have 24/7 childcare, they take lavish vacations, and they spend more on awards show fashion that most of us spend on yearly rent. 

There are, however, some notable exceptions — one of which is actress, singer, author, and Twitter phenom Anna Kendrick. Sure, she’s appeared in the Twilight movies and Pitch Perfectand she received her first Oscar nomination at age twenty-four, but she also struggles with “normal person problems,” like wondering why she bothered to put on a bra and leave her house. 

While 2016 was a rough year, her light-hearted tweets made the brutal fifty-two weeks go by a lot faster. Behold, the moments when her twitter improved our lives:  

1. When she wasn't a people person.

2. When she was also part of the Beyhive.

3. When she had a way with children.

4. When she felt the struggles of being single.

5. When she understood your fashion woes.

6. When she #adulted like a pro.

7. When she didn't have time for sophisticated "sushi people."

8. When she was the ideal coworker.

9. When she understood the secret to love.

10. When she called TV dramas on their bullshit.

11. When she was a lifestyle inspiration.

12. When she needed some BFF help.

13. When she was a little offended by YouTube's targeted advertisements.

14. When she didn't understand technology.

15. When she got real about education.

16. When she engaged in some relatable, post-election grieving.

17. When she didn't have time for the low-key sexism in a Sleep Number commercial.

18. When she nailed how you felt about Thanksgiving.

19. When she asked the tough questions.

20. When she was the world's best TV critic.


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