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RecircEntertainmentHere's How 'Orange Is The New Black’ Characters Differ From Their Real-World Counterparts

Here's a look at each OITNB character and how they differ from their depiction in the book. (Warning: spoilers!)

By Tiffany White
13 hours ago
RecircEntertainmentThese Fan Tattoos Will Inspire You To Rewatch 'Lost' This Summer

Eight years after the series finale of Lost, fans are still obsessed with the ABC series. While some stick to rewatching their favorite episodes or defending the show's very divisive finale for the hundredth time, others take their fandom to a very permanent level. And by permanent, we mean getting a Lost-inspired tattoo that will definitely start a conversation at any party. Fans have taken to social media platforms such as reddit and Twitter to show off their ink and explain why they felt compelled to take recurring symbols  — or that now-iconic number sequence 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 — from the drama and brand themselves Lost loyalists for life. 

Over the course of the show's 118 episodes, there has been plenty of tattoo inspiration to prove yourself to be a self-proclaimed member of Dharma. Others chose to pay a more subtle homage to Jack, Kate, Sawyer, John, and the rest of the Flight 370 survivors with their tats (Roman numerals) while some went the comedic route — Hurley's hot pocket, anyone? 

Keep scrolling below for some of the best Lost-inspired tattoos shared by fans of the series:   

By Anna Quintana
1 day ago