A Definitive List Of All 33 Rules To Help You Survive Zombieland



We all know that zombies are in. In fact they are sort of the hot thing right now. Everyone's day dreaming about it, with movies and shows like the walking dead we're all trying to prep for the eventual scenario of being in our own zombie filled world, fighting for survival. What will we do? Where will we go? All questions we've all considered at one point in our lives.

Even though living in some post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies would be nothing short of a nightmare and ultimately tragic for most of society, we still can't help but wonder about how awesome it would be to live in a world filled with slow moving monsters you could run over with a truck and just go to town on with a sword. It sounds awful but hey, we all have our weird dreams. It probably wouldn't be as glorious as the movies make it out to be though as it gets a lot tougher than your typical fantasized scenario when you realize you actually could die. And finding food? Good luck. But everyone loves the movie Zombieland, what would you do if you got stuck in that scenario?

If you're stuck in Zombieland, there are some guidelines you absolutely have to live by in order to survive.

Other wise your chances of doing so are pretty darn slim.

Thankfully, the film's provided us with 33 Survival Rules that'll give us a fighting chance against the walking dead. Take a look at which ones you could follow:

Would you make it out alive? We think we'd cave by number 5.

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