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Jon Stewart Is Officially Coming Back To TV

By Jaime Lutz

Jon Stewart is officially coming back to television, y'all! Not as the host of a late night talk show, unfortunately, but as part of his development deal with HBO, he did officially announce that he is releasing two stand-up specials with the network—and that, my friends, is not nothing in this time of constant political mayhem. 

If you feel like it's been forever since you saw Jon do straight standup on TV that's because, well, it's been forever since he has done a stand up special. 

That's right: The newly announced specials will be the first Stewart stand-up specials since 1996's Jon Stewart: Unleavened—his first and only filmed stand-up special so far (can you believe it?). And we know it will be so, so worth the wait! In fact, given the current political climate and general mess that is American politics, people were asking — well, basically, begging — for his commentary, holding out hope for his expertise and quick wit when it comes to our current dark reality. And now it's finally happening, y'all! Celebrate!