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Source: Twitter

Top Chef Host Shares Pictures Showing What A Working Mom Has To Do Everyday

By Aimee Lutkin

Padma Lakshmi is the gorgeous, entertaining, and accomplished host of Top Chef, and she's also a mom. Her daughter, Krishna, who she sweetly calls Little Hands, might be her mini-me today but at one point she was just a newborn and Padma had to juggle being a single mom and her Bravo gig, which means she has a pretty full day, and probably a busy night, too. 

Luckily, she has some help today. "I don't juggle it all—I'm very privileged," she told Bravo TV. "I have a lot of hands helping me. My hours are so crazy. If I have to be on the Today Show at 7:15, for example, who is going to take my daughter to school? My nanny is awesome. She was in the Indian army for five years. She was a female paratrooper. And she's a great cook."

Padma recently shared a throwback photo of exactly how busy some of her daily moments were — without nannies or assistants — like the time she had to balance breasfeeding her kid while applying her own makeup: