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Source: Instagram

You Can Actually Jeopardize Your Health If You Follow Chrissy Teigen’s Beauty Advice

By Tiffany White

01. Steaming your vaj doesn't do anything and is straight-up dangerous. 

When Gwyneth Paltrow famously bragged about the benefits of V-steaming, everyone rightfully thought she was insane. But Gwyneth was always shilling ridiculous products on her lifestyle site Goop, so it wasn't like anyone took her seriously. 

However, that trend doesn't appear to be dying. Recently, Chrissy Teigen preached the benefits of yoni steaming, although even she was unsure what those benefits were. And since we all worship the 32-year-old social media mom, surely we're all going to run out and hover above the nearest pot of boiling water, right?? Uh, not so fast.