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The Internet Has Some Crazy Theories About Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s Relationship

By Tiffany White

Ever since Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson announced they were dating back in May, everyone has been highly skeptical of the two. For one, both just recently got out of relationships—Ariana broke up with Mac Miller on May 10, while Pete and Cazzie David, his girlfriend of two years, called it quits just a few days later on May 16. Fast forward a couple of weeks and the happy couple is already engaged, buying million-dollar apartments together, and even sporting matching tattoos. 

Fans are highly suspicious about the relationship, with good reason. The quickness of the courtship has prompted people to pull out their tinfoil hats and come up with theories for what the hell is happening.  Is this just a case of lovebirds falling for each other really fast, or is something more sinister amiss? Here's what the Internet thinks so far:

Theory #1: They've been dating much longer than a few weeks.

This is by far the most popular theory. According to what we know officially, the two clicked at an SNL after party on May 12. Next thing you know they're getting engaged and purchasing $16 million condos together. Seems a little fast, right?

Fans immediately started dissecting the relationship timeline. Because the two were in relationships so recently, it was highly likely that both were cheating before they broke up with their respective exes. As the Internet tried to piece it all together, writer Nicole Boyce came up with this timeline of the couple's relationship.