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16 Of The Craziest Lines From The 'Big Brother' Season 20 Cast Bios

16 Of The Craziest Lines From The 'Big Brother' Season 20 Cast Bios
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Updated 2 weeks ago

There are some reality TV shows that, likely due to a combination of relatively low production costs and consistently decent ratings, will never, ever, ever be taken off the air.

After 20 seasons of Big Brother, it looks like the show that puts a bunch of strangers in a house, feeds them free booze, and then records the drama, has definitely solidified itself as one of those series.

The newest cast of housemates just made their network debut, and to call them a motley crew would be an understatement.

26-year-old substitute teacher, Faysal Shafaat

You should love this guy because he admitted to peeing the bed until he was 10 years old, which is why he's so good at doing his own laundry. The kind of man that admits this on national television has absolutely no shame and it's a beautiful thing.

27-year-old welder, Sam Bledsoe

Sam used to wrangle wild animals like snakes and raccoons with her bare hands, and raised honeybees. She also believes that her experience as a waitress, bartender, and hairdresser will make her a master of intelligence to win the competition.

23-year-old lifeguard, Tyler Crispen

This dude's a champion bowler and really, really, really likes quinoa as well as pre-workout supplements. He's also very, very, very tan. Hence the name "Crispen."

25-year-old flight attendant, Bayleigh Denton

Bayleigh's super into yoga, the Bible, but also mentions that she blows up on people by calling them out on their stuff. Just the kind of dichotomous personality traits that'll result in priceless household drama.

28-year-old professional dancer, Jason Monduix

He admittedly gets very sensitive when people make fun of his height — Jason's 4'8". He also has a thing for melatonin and hoverboards, which don't sound like a safe mix.

21-year-old college student, Haleigh Broucher

Haleigh's terrified of chainsaws and crossing the street. So maybe watching this scene while walking around NYC would be a bad idea for her. 

40-year-old former undercover cop, Steve Arienta

This guy stresses his need for a nightly bath. Might have something to do with the fact he was a boss wrestler in high school as well as an amazing football player - he won a scholarship to Northwestern to play pigskin. Then used all of that to get a pretty good Organized Crime Investigation Division gig with the NYPD.

30-year-old pro football player, Kaycee Clark

Kaycee's the first pro football player to ever be on the show, and as it turns out, Big Brother the only TV show she watches. I mean, not even Breaking Bad?

28-year-old medical sales rep, Winston Hines

This dude from Bowling Green, Kentucky wants people to know he gets mistaken for Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling all the time. And he's held his high school's 40-yard-dash record for over 10 years.

29-year-old Vegas entertainer, Rachel Swindler

Yes, it's funny that someone who works in Vegas has the last name Swindler, but "Craychel" (nickname her friends gave her, ha) also knows how to user her power over men to secure big tips—and that kind of manipulation could be good for the competition.

26-year-old shipping manager, Scottie Salton

Scottie's awesome because he chose to share his family's unique child punishment structure by mentioning how he was the one who got grounded after being vomited on by his brother. He also revealed he's a 26-year-old virgin who's never been kissed. 

34-year-old stay-at-home-mom, Angie Lantry

Lantry definitely has a Mrs. Frizzle vibe going on, and it looks like she leans towards  hippiedom. She's had natural births for all of her children, is all about the "powers" of crystals and burning sage to remove "bad juju," and a unicorn apparently walked her down the aisle on her wedding day.

23-year-old day trader, Chris Williams

Williams has a photographic memory, hates the beach, and is all about self-help, self empowerment and money moves. Sounds like tons of fun at parties.

26-year-old fitness model, Angela Rummans

Rummans is a self-touted freak athlete who's looking forward to emasculating the house dudes at sports, which will hopefully make for some excellent TV. 

25-year-old cyber security engineer, Brett Robinson

Robinson has a fear of the ladies thinking he has bad breath so toothbrushes are a top priority for him. He also likes hacking into his friends' computers for fun.

24-year-old life coach, Kaitlyn Herman

Herman's also a big time crystal lover, and sleeps with her eyes open. A psychic medium revealed to her that she's going to be one of the most influential self-helpers in the world, and she randomly sages family members to remove bad vibes.


Here's to Season 20's cast and the many who will probably come after.

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