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Source: CBS

16 Of The Craziest Lines From The 'Big Brother' Season 20 Cast Bios

By Mustafa Gatollari

There are some reality TV shows that, likely due to a combination of relatively low production costs and consistently decent ratings, will never, ever, ever be taken off the air.

After 20 seasons of Big Brother, it looks like the show that puts a bunch of strangers in a house, feeds them free booze, and then records the drama, has definitely solidified itself as one of those series.

The newest cast of housemates just made their network debut, and to call them a motley crew would be an understatement.

1. 26-year-old substitute teacher, Faysal Shafaat

Source: cbs

You should love this guy because he admitted to peeing the bed until he was 10 years old, which is why he's so good at doing his own laundry. The kind of man that admits this on national television has absolutely no shame and it's a beautiful thing.