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9 Shady Facts About Kylie’s Makeup Empire That’ll Give You Major Side-Eye

By Tiffany White

Now that Kylie Jenner is on her way to becoming a billionaire, the "self-made" businesswoman has made Kylie Cosmetics one of the most sought-after makeup brands. With millions of lip kits sold, most of which are sold out within hours, the 20-year-old is clearly doing something right. 

Although Kylie Cosmetics is stupidly successful, it's had many ups and downs since its 2015 debut. Probably the biggest complaint against the company is that its products aren't worthy of their exorbitant prices. With Kylie's net worth growing larger than her sisters, the shady practices of her business are becoming too big to ignore. Before you cough up $30 for her lip kits, here are a few facts about her company that'll make you want to spend your money elsewhere.

It's essentially just an expensive version of a $6 lipstick.