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Here’s Everything ‘UnREAL’ Got Appallingly Right About ‘The Bachelor’

By Tiffany White

As someone who loves reality TV, I have a lot to thank UnREAL for. The show, now on its fourth and final season, which is available to stream on Hulu, has pretty much uncovered the truth behind reality TV that we've all been too afraid to admit. From clever editing to straight-up unethical producer manipulations, the show has proven that our favorite guilty pleasures are guilty for a reason.

The show, created by former Bachelor producer Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, goes behind the scenes of a fictional dating reality show called Everlasting. Although fictional, many plots are based off Sarah's experience working on The Bachelor, and many former Bachelor contestants and crew members have even admitted that the depictions on UnREAL are scarily accurate. In fact, in case you need a recap, here's a rundown of everything UnREAL has revealed (and confirmed) about The Bachelor:

Producers are paid for starting drama.