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Source: Getty Images

The McDonald's Monopoly Scandal Is Now Being Made Into a Movie

By Anna Quintana

Back in 2001, FBI agents arrested ex-cop Jerome Jacobson and charged him with being the mastermind who rigged the McDonald's Monopoly game and stole game pieces worth millions of dollars. His escapade was chronicled in a true crime exposé by Jeff Maysh in The Daily Beast, which detailed how the he recruited family, friends, and sometimes total strangers into cashing in winning game pieces and giving him a piece of the winnings — and now Jacobson's story will be made into a movie. 

Ben Affleck will direct and Matt Damon will star as Jacobson, who stole $24 million while working security for the fast-food chain's Monopoly game piece supplier, according to Deadline. The longtime acting buddies will team up with the writers of Deadpool for the film, which was at the center of a bidding war involving Kevin Hart, Steve Carrell, Robert Downey Jr., Netflix, and others. 

The movie is bound to be a hit when it reaches theaters, with everything from mafia bosses, the FBI, and everyone's favorite Ronald McDonald expected to make cameos. Plus, now we will find out why we were never able to find the fourth railroad piece no matter how many trips we made to the Golden Arches.