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Source: twitter

Someone Got Charged For Ordering Literally Nothing At McDonald's

By Mark Pygas

The marriage of technology and humanity can lead to some pretty amazing developments for our species. We've got nano machines, pace makers. We've got artificial limbs that arguably help athletes perform better than those who have all of their appendages and original body parts. Then we've got those little self-service machines at retailers and fast food joints that make sure we never have to interact with another human being again. Isn't life amazing?

Now we've all felt a little gipped when we went to a place to eat and our meal was way more underwhelming than we had anticipated it to be. Either the fries were soggy or the portions weren't big enough or the size of them were just fine but the flavor was off and the presentation left a lot to be desired. You could usually chalk these mistakes up to human error or the simple fact that the people working there just don't care enough about your order.

The new self service kiosks they have at McDonald's are great. Not only do you not have to interact with people, but you can add and remove pretty much anything you want from your burger. And as Twitter user @Arikuyo realized when they tried to remove the pickles from their cheeseburger, you can remove literally everything. It's still going to cost you, though...