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Things From Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Tumultuous College Years You’ve Probably Forgotten About


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's college years at New York University were notoriously brief. MK dropped out after only a year and a half, with Ashley hanging in there until around 2007 when she officially confirmed she wasn't returning (even though she only had a year and a half to go to graduate). But although their college years were short, they were full of controversy — from chain-smoking at the MET Gala to boyfriend drama with Paris Hilton. It's no wonder the twins were quick to run back to LA when things got too crazy. But in case you forgot, here's rundown of their chaotic college years.

1. Mary-Kate's Eating Disorder

Source: Getty Images

The twins' college years were controversial before they even started. In the months leading up to their first semester, the rumor mill was full of allegations about eating disorders and even cocaine usage. Mary-Kate and Ashley both dismissed the rumors when People brought them up. "We don't have problems! There's nothing to worry about," Ashley said. Mary-Kate added, "If I had a drug addiction, I would be in a thingy — like Promises, the Malibu [rehab] place. You don't see me there. So, like, come on. It's crazy."

Although a month later, that's exactly what happened when Mary-Kate checked into a treatment facility for an eating disorder. "She's hanging in there," Ashley Olsen said back then. "She is taking the time she needs for herself right now. Right now is especially a good time right before school so she can get healthy."

The scandal resulted in the twins' "Got Milk" ads being pulled, which probably wasn't the best way to start off college.