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These Throwback Pop Culture Moments Would’ve Been a Bigger Deal If They Happened Today

By Tiffany White

Pre-internet pop culture is starting to look like the Stone Ages. Back then, controversies weren't summed up by hashtags, there were no celebrity "clapbacks," and fans didn't demand apologies from stars for things they said years ago. Instead, it was a bit like the wild west, with celebs saying and doing whatever they wanted without many consequences. In fact, there's no way today's stars could get away with half of the things older celebs did.

Seriously, why wasn't Paris Hilton's hacking scandal a bigger deal? Why did no one care when Lindsay Lohan called Scarlett Johansson a "c--t"? Below, more examples of scandals that flew completely under the radar pre-Twitter.

When Christina Aguilera literally shaded the eff out of everyone.