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12 Pop Culture Moments That Almost Didn’t Happen for the Most Random Reasons


Some of the biggest, most iconic moments in pop culture weren't treated as such when they made their modest debuts. From Friends having a disastrous first pilot, to studios thinking Clueless would be a failure because it starred a teenage girl, so many of our favorite movies and TV shows had to fight tooth and nail to get made. Meanwhile, other big moments in entertainment were close to not happening due to random accidents, like Toy Story 2 getting deleted or Harrison Ford getting sick on the set of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Below, all the pop culture moments that came together despite weird setbacks.

1. 'Friends'

Source: NBC

Test audiences hated the pilot for the show, and it was given a "poor" performance rating. "Most viewers felt the show was not very entertaining, clever, or original," the report concluded. "Many considered it sexually suggestive." The network didn't like it either. Crazily enough, they thought viewers wouldn't want to watch a show about a bunch of 20-somethings. "[They said], 'You have to have an older person,'" co-creator Marta Kauffman told HuffPost. "We kept saying, 'If the stories are universal enough, you don't need [one].'"

There was also one particular exec, West Coast President Don Ohlmeyer, who thought all the hooking up on the show was immoral. In fact, he was so offended when Monica slept with the wine guy in one episode, he handed out a questionnaire to test audiences which read, "Do you think Monica sleeping with wine guy makes her (a) a slut, (b) a wh-re, (c) a trollop." 

Despite all the setbacks, thankfully, NBC chose to run the show anyway because they had nothing else to run in their schedule that season. It later became the highest-grossest sitcom of all time. Take that, Don!