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Source: nbc

13 of TV's Best Halloween Costumes


Halloween is my favorite holiday, so it makes sense that I go nuts for Halloween-themed anything. Be it snack cakes, drinks, clothing, heavy metal bands, or movies and TV shows.

Actually, especially TV shows. It's always so much fun to see your beloved characters dress up or get involved with some general spookiness. I mean, The Simpsons Halloween specials? I rest my case.

But there are some TV shows that take Halloween to the next level, especially when it comes to crafting the perfect costume for its characters. Here are some of the best to have ever graced the small screen.

1. 'The Office' - Two Heads are Better than One

Source: nbc

The Office cast is packed with some incredible Halloween costumes, Jim's lazy 3-hole punch outfit, or Angela's great Nancy Reagan, but come on, two-headed Michael Scott? Nothing on the show is going to top that. The best part is that you know he took the time to make it himself.